Dialectical Behavior Therapy

When feelings are too often intense, painful and difficult to manage; when relationships are unstable; when the ways you cope cause as many problems as they solve.... DBT helps you achieve significant, foundational positive change so that you can Build a Life Worth Living.



Kate has been a therapist for twenty years and has Master’s Degrees in Education and Psychology. She is the only certified DBT therapist in Acadiana. She is also the only therapist in Acadiana to offer ALL of the components of DBT, including DBT Skills Group and Coaching Calls  in addition to individual sessions. She started Acadiana’s first and only DBT Treatment Team to help area therapists use DBT on ourselves as we strive to better assist our clients. 

DBT is a well researched, proven therapy option for you if you experience “emotional dysregulation”. You may have been diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder, any of the Anxiety or Depressive Disorders, a Personality Disorder such as Borderline –  or you may not have a diagnosis at all, but perhaps meet some of the criteria for one. 

For more information, contact me and we will talk.


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